Top 10 Lesbian-ish Men


Back in February when I blogged about the new Justin Timberlake video, I noted that I had a secret boy-crush on him. I was shocked to discover that a whole bunch of you shared my JT crush, which got me to thinking: Which other male celebs garner lesbian-ish vibes?

Here’s my attempt to rank the top 10. I chose them based on a highly subjective array of qualifications, including (1) how dykey their hair is; (2) how soulful their gazes are; (3) how much they look like girls I’ve dated; and (4) whether I’d mistake them for lesbians in a dark alley. Let me know if I’ve missed anybody.

Without further ado:

10. Jamie Bamber

The countdown begins with the pretty-faced actor behind Lee “Apollo” Adama on Battlestar Galactica, aka Starbuck’s bottom. ‘Nuff said.

9. Matt Damon

Remember the Matt vs. Ben debate? How can you resist the soft-spoken Harvard dropout with the gently furrowed brow?

8. John Cusack

For every girl who wished her lady love would stand outside her window with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” OK, so the photo above involves a weapon and a science magazine. That’s kinda hot, too.

7. Eric Mabius

This pretty boy proved himself playing Jenny’s cuckolded boyfriend on The L Word, but on Ugly Betty, he’s the adorable playboy who gets played by the sophisticated Salma Hayek. When he gets all sad, don’t you just want to buy him a kitten or something?

6. Orlando Bloom

He’s moody. He wears dykey watches. He has soulful eyes. And he has an accent. Can you get any better? He’s so emo.

5. Keanu Reeves

He’s a soft-spoken dude with a secret: Underneath that black trench coat, he has the heart of a lady. If you don’t believe me, look into his eyes.

4. Brad Pitt

His beauty is so legendary, Angelina Jolie snapped it up — and you know she likes girls.

3. Johnny Depp

This tattooed bad boy is just sweet enough to cross over to our side of the field. Plus, his lips are like pillows.

2. Justin Timberlake

“Cry Me a River” and “What Goes Around” proved that JT is just a sensitive pussycat underneath that smoldering stare.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

The blue eyes. The artfully messed-up hair. That pout. Damn, I think I once dated a chick who looked just like him. Jake totally wins.

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