Let’s make Mary-Louise Parker a lesbian


I know Weeds has had its highs and lows the past few seasons. Some even say the whole show has gone to pot. But one consistent factor has kept me watching: The unquestionable hotness of Mary-Louise Parker.

One of the hottest things about MLP is that she doesn’t try to be hot. As Vanity Fair put it in an article this week, “She isn’t bubbly and effusive and adorable. She’s rough around the edges and a little surly, the kind of woman who could probably handle herself in a bar fight. (A real bar fight, not the movie kind with breakaway bottles.)”

Parker’s character in Weeds, Nancy Botwin, is also snarky and churlish and often crude. But for those of us who like our women real, she’s more than welcome in our living rooms on Monday nights.

In Vanity Fair, Parker talks about everything from Nancy’s proclivity for rough sex to her own lack of first-hand experience with pot. It’s a fun read. But it becomes essential reading for us mid-way through the article, when interviewer Eric Spitznagel brings up Linda Hamilton’s role as lesbian Linda and this unforgettable trailer (especially around 2:09):

Spitznagel expresses what we all think when we first hear Nancy’s attempt to convince Linda to go, um, lower: “If I can steal a line from Tina Fey, I want to go to there.”

Yes, please.

Even better is what follows.

Parker: Yeah, yeah, I hear you. But no, that’s not happening. It’s just something they put in the trailer because it’s funny, but it doesn’t actually happen. It’s not a bad idea though. I’ve always thought that Nancy should have sex with a woman. It’d be good for her.

Spitznagel: Would it help if we started a letter-writing campaign?

Parker: Like a grassroots sort of thing? Yeah, we should do it. “People In Support of Nancy Botwin Embracing Lesbianism.” Right on.

You heard the nice lady. P.I.S.N.B.E.L. (pronounced “pis-nuh-bell”) is in our hands. Get to typing, friends. I’ll run get a toaster oven.

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