A conversation with Ruby Rose


This article originally appeared in Q town.

Known worldwide for her wit and stunning looks, MTV VJ/model/clothing designer Ruby Rose is one of our favorite lesbian icons. At times misquoted or misunderstood, Ruby talks openly about her take on pop culture (including friend Katy Perry) and how she overcame cruel and violent bullies in her teens to become the talk of Australia and beyond.

Qtown: How did you land the gig at MTV?
Ruby Rose: I auditioned in front of 2,000 people and got through to the top four. We all flew to Sydney then, to battle it out in a series of tasks put before us by Bam from Jackass. The usual things you would do for a job interview, you know, like having 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes … kissing strangers and skating in koala costumes.

QT: Who are some of your favorite people that you’ve interviewed?
RR: Lily Allen
is funny, Beth Ditto was definitely one of the best, Cypress Hill was very down to earth, and of course the one and only guitar rock legend Slash.

QT: What was Slash like?
RR: Interviewing Slash was unreal. He has been my idol for many years and I grew up listening to them with my Mom so it was a pretty big deal to me. The fact he was sweet and witty and said I was beautiful was simply the icing on the cake. [Laughs]

QT: You always seem so cool, did anyone make you nervous?
RR: I would be very nervous to meet Madonna. Seeing her walk out on stage at last year’s VMAs was almost too much to handle. I did get very star struck at the beginning of the Slash interview but broke the ice by telling him before he sat down and joined me I was worried I was potentially going to vomit on him from excitement. He told me “That would have been pretty cool 10 years ago.”

QT: Who was really awful to interview? And what made them awful?
RR: I don’t like to put anyone down and name names. I’ve only ever had one douchebag interview and it was like talking to a cardboard box. She was very famous and successful once and this was at a pretty bad time for her because she hadn’t worked since her show ended. She still hasn’t, so maybe she has a right to be a douche.

QT: Your Kristen Stewart tweet certainly got people talking. Is it the way she looks disgusted when she looks at guys that makes you think she’s a lesbian? Or was it more like an overall gaydar alarm?

RR: I cannot believe that me joking around saying “clearly she was a lesbian” made world wide news. I feared for my life from Twilight stars all around the world. I was one step away from wearing garlic around my neck. Truth is, she just has an enormous gay vibe, her eyes, mannerisms, voice and the fact she looks far more comfortable in The Runaways as a lesbian than she ever did kissing Mr. Pattinson. Whatever her sexuality, that’s her business, but let’s just hope for our sake she’s a lesbian because she would make a great one.

QT: Are there any other Hollywood people that set off your gaydar?

RR: [Laughs] I learnt my lesson when I said Kristen did. I think I’ll keep it to myself these days. I don’t need to be pissing off every good-looking female in Hollywood right about now.

QT: You’re a vegetarian, which we love! Do you avoid eating meat for ethical or health reasons? Are animal rights something that you care about?

RR: Ethical reasons … animal rights are very important to me. I wish we did more on that issue as a world. That and the fact that once you stop eating meat you realize how very revolting it is.

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