When celesbians flirt, er, talk on Twitter


Twitter, that egalitarian communications tool and announcer of everyone’s lunch, has an interesting way of exposing celebrities. Because many type out their 140-character missives themselves, you get a tiny glimpse of their unpublicist-approved lives. Just as interesting, you get to eavesdrop on their conversations with other famous people. Nowhere is the intertwined ecosystem of celesbians more evident than when they flirt talk on Twitter.

Last week, many of our favorite lesbian and bisexual celebrities were tweeting up a storm with each other. Newly out country star Chely Wright let her fingers do the walking in several conversations, especially with Broadway and TV star Sarah Paulson. Their correspondence started over their shared love of the writing of Mary Karr, progressed to insomnia and led to bangs.

Now, at first I thought perhaps I was reading too much into their back-and-forth. But then a good friend of ours confirmed my feelings. I mean, seriously ladies, flirt much?

Though before we start thinking of couple nicknames for Chely and Sarah (Chelah? Saly?), know that Chely has been 140ing all manner of well-known tweetbians. Chely has been making music with her new songwriting collaborator Linda Perry and girlfriend Clementine Ford. And she’s also been getting real with The Real L Word couple Tracy Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis.

Heck, I’m thinking of starting a Six Degrees of Chely Wright game on Twitter. I can connect that celebrity to Chely in three tweets!

Meanwhile Sarah seems to be good friends with fellow Broadway buff Sandra Bernhard. Sandra is worried that Sarah doesn’t eat enough. That’s tweet, er, sweet.

Whew, all this keeping track of celesbian tweeting habits is exhausting. Still, it’s fun to see sometimes when Twitter brings unlikely pairings together in mutual admiration. Like Ellen DeGeneres and Samantha Ronson? Wouldn’t have guessed that.

It’s a small world, after all — especially if you’re a celesbian turned tweetbian.

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