Radio host Stephanie Miller comes out


Stephanie Miller, a comedian with a popular radio talk show, came out publicly on her show Friday morning.

Miller’s sexual orientation was not a secret among her friends and family, but she rarely talked about her private life on air — other than to make jokes about being single.

If you’re not a radio fan, you still may have seen Miller. She had a brief stint on MSNBC before Rachel Maddow came on the scene and she frequently appears on TV talk shows, often sparring with conservative hosts or guests. Since her dad is a former running mate of Barry Goldwater, Stephanie is quite familiar with the GOP.

Here’s the segment of her show in which she came out, followed by a chat with her good friend Chely Wright — a major inspiration in her coming out. It’s well worth a listen.


If you haven’t cried yet, this might do it. The segment with Chely is powerful stuff.


Sounds like Chely gets recruiting points. And we get another very cute, smart talk show host openly on our team. As Chely said, “Truth wins.” Join me in wishing Stephanie Miller well.

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