An interview with Jane Wiedlin


After a busy weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2010, Meltdown Comics hosted the official launch party for  Lady Robotika, the comic book created by Jane Wiedlin (guitarist for the legendary Go-Go’s) and Bill Morrison (Eisner Award-winning creative behind The Simpsons and Futurama comics). The book’s protagonist — the lady herself — is the newest superhero of our universe, and Jane Wiedlin took some time to talk about the comic, the music it inspired and the future of the Go-Go’s. I just got done reading Lady Robotika it was so great amazing! I think you’ve been really into comics for a long time — why did it take you so long to make a comic book yourself?

Jane Wiedlin:
Actually, I’m fairly new to comics. I’ve been a big sci-fi nerd my whole life, but never got into comics as a kid because they were too quick. I’d read one in 10 minutes and feel cheated. It wasn’t untill I became friends with my writing partner, Bill Morrison, that I learned that the art in comics is super important — Iit’s not just the words! D’oh!

Bill also introduced me to graphic novels, which I now am obsessed with.

AE: How did you and Bill Morrison meet?

I was at a comic convention — Super-Con in San Jose — several years ago, and Bill was assigned to moderate the talk I gave there. I’d been going to conventions for a while — not as a comic book fan, but either as a celebrity to sign autographs or as a sci-fi fan. Bill and I are the same age, and have a lot in common, and we became very close very quickly. We like to say we are lovers without benefits.

AE: I love how real Lady Robotika felt. When I finished it my first thought was, “That could totally happen.” I could also really hear your voice through it. Could this be classified as autobiographical with a fantasy, sci-fi twist?

I keep telling people that it’s my autobiography. We try to infuse as much of me and my real life into the story as possible. As for the alien abduction, well, you just never know, do you?

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