Do call it a comeback: Some stars we wish would pull it together (yes, you, Lilo)


Is it too early to start the inevitable Lindsay Lohan comeback talk? After yesterday’s early morning release from her 90-turned-13-day jail sentence, Lindsay has just 90-days in a court-ordered rehabilitation program between her and a phoenix like return in a blaze of glory. Or, you know, something like that.

Still, it’s one thing to talk about a comeback, it’s another to wish her one. And, to be honest, I do. For all her excesses, stupidity and squandered opportunities, I hope in my heart of hearts that Lindsay can turn her life and career around. She is one of those performers I think has genuine talent, if only she’d use it wisely. But there are so many others — stars whose spotlights have faded, either
by their own doing or time’s merry march forward — who deserve a
second shot. A look at a few:

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, Lilo, glad to see you’re out of jail. I hope you used that time to think, really think, about what you want from your career. Hint: The answer isn’t more Maxim covers. But, seriously, you can act. Let’s try doing a lot more of that for a change. Also, bring back the red hair.

Amy Winehouse

Amy announced last month that she will have a new album coming out in January. Every time I play Back to Black, my heart hurts because of what we’re not hearing anymore – which is new, amazing Amy Winehouse music. So let’s hope the eternally beehived and bedeviled torch singer finally said yes, yes, yes to rehab. Because not only do I fear losing more of her unbelievable voice, but losing her all together.

Courtney Love

It’s easy to forget because of all her Courtney Love-ness that Courtney Love is a very gifted songwriter. In fact, an argument could be made that Courtney wrote better hooks than Kurt. So how did she become a professional kook instead?

Claire Danes

The other day I was watching TV and the pretty blonde lady shilling some terrible eyelash growing prescription medication at me looked familiar, frighteningly familiar. And then I realized it was Claire Danes, trying to get to me to put on some gook that could lead to irreversible browning of my eyes. Angela Chase would not approve.

Jennifer Grey

The world’s most infamous nose job recipient hasn’t had the same career since she went from the time of her life to looking like just another pretty face. But as an unabashed Dirty Dancing fan, I’ve always wished her career would find lift again. I hear she’s guest starring on House this season. It’s no “I carried a watermelon,” but it’s a start.

So, who do you wish could make a career comeback? And who deserves one?

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