Brittana become regulars and Heather Morris talks “Glee”


First things first, you totally saw that little moment between Brittany and Santana on Glee last night, right? The pinky holding. The head resting. Oh, girls – you’re killing us, killing us.

And then there’s the Brittana news. We’ve got some good and some bad, so take your pick. Fine, good news first. According to Entertainment Weekly, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, who play our favorite possibly gay, definitely sleeping together Cheerios Santana and Brittany, are being upgraded to series regulars.

This is fantastic news and means we can look forward to more in-depth discussions about how dolphins are gay sharks, cats are reading your diary and ballads are male ducks. Also, with any luck, we’ll progress pass pinky holding into something a little more substantive.

Which brings us to the bad-ish news. Heather Morrison (adorably nicknamed HeMo), spoke with The Advocate recently and spilled a little on the prospects for a full-blown Brittana relationship on the show.

On the first time she read the now-famous “sex is not dating” scene:

I asked Ryan Murphy about it too. We were like, what does this mean for Brittany and Santana? [Laughs] Because Naya and I are best friends off-camera too, and we’re always together, so that’s always sort of been a joke with the writers. But I think it’s great.

I know some younger girls go through confusion, and I had friends who weren’t sure about their sexuality at that age. So even if it’s never spoken about directly, it’s great if someone can relate to that. I’m glad Ryan Murphy touched on it a bit for people who might be struggling with that.

On whether the writers are teasing or if the pairing will pay off:

I’m with you because I’m always anticipating getting a script that’s going to be about our love story line, but I don’t think I ever will. Brittany and Santana are just best friends, and you know how sometimes best friends tickle each others’ arms and hold pinkies?

On if we’ll ever see a Brittana makeout session:

I don’t think so. I asked Ryan about that and he said there was no way. He said that since we’re a prime-time television show, he didn’t want to do that.

Boo! No makeout session just because it’s primetime? That’s so 1997. Think of all the primetime lesbian makeouts since Ellen’s chaste coming out. Just off the top of my head we’ve got Kerry and Kim on ER in 2000, Willow and Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2001, Marissa and Alex on The O.C. in 2004, Callie and Erica on Grey’s Anatomy in 2008, Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy in 2009, Katherine and Robin on Desperate Housewives in 2010. Shall I go on?

Grumbling aside, Heather doesn’t shut the door entirely on the possibility of seeing some Brittana action, saying “We’ll see what happens.” She also spreads some interesting insight into how she sees the Brittany-Santana relationship dynamic. She told The Advocate:

It’s like Brittany’s a lost puppy dog and Santana’s her owner, so she follows Santana around and does whatever she tells her to do because she doesn’t know how to do things for herself. Naya and I have talked about their relationship, and we do think Brittany’s just dumb and crazy about Santana, like, “I’m her best friend and I love her so much!”

Oh, girl, we’ve all been crazy about someone like that in high school or otherwise. We all know where that leads. Did you ever see All Over Me? “Everyone knows I’m your dog,” much? Perhaps if it doesn’t work out with Santana, Brittany should find her own pink-haired Leisha Hailey.

Heather, who started as a dancer and famously backed up Beyonce on tour, expressed her love for her gay fans in the interview, saying most of her guy friends growing up were gay. I think it’s safe to say after the Brittana subtext, she’d be able to make tons of female gay friends as well.

But instead of leaving on the somewhat sour note of no kissing for our Cheerios, how about another little bit of awesome. Did you know that Heather was the one wearing the cone bra in last week’s “Vogue” number. Yeah, that’s her bump and grinding like the Material Girl herself. Hello.

So, what do you think? Is there still hope for Brittana? Is it just a tease? Or is it the good kind of tease?

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