Sarah Shahi will mediate for a full season on USA


Does the USA network secretly love lesbians? Wait, stay with me. The
cable channel has greenlit and then picked up two new female-fronted
shows starring lesbian favorites. The first was Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs. And now they’ve ordered a full season of Sarah Shahi in Facing Kate.

clearly, they love lesbians. Why? Because lesbians love Piper and
Sarah. And lesbians love female-fronted TV shows.  In case you need a
reminder of just how much we love Sarah, let me please introduce you to
Exhibit A: Carmen de la Pica Morales.

After stints on The L Word and Life, Sarah is now the star of her own series, Facing Kate. Yes, please feel free to giggle at the title considering the fact that she spent three seasons facing Kate Moennig,
frequently in various states of undress. Just another reason we love
her. But far from being a sexy DJ with poor skills at judging potential
girlfriends’ commitment issues, Sarah will play a legal mediator.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,
Sarah will play Kate Reed, “a top litigator who, frustrated with the
bureaucracy and injustice she witnesses in legal system, decides to
become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator.” USA president of original
programming co-head Jeff Wachtel said the network was attracted to the idea of a show about a mediator:

This is someone who lives in a world of a constant conflict. With
traditional lawyers, it’s always one wins, one loses; in mediation, the
goal is to have win-win.

Ah, the art of compromise. And the finer art of compromising positions. Dammit, I keep getting off
topic. Sarah can be kind of distracting like that sometimes. I have no
idea why.

USA has ordered 11 episodes, plus a 90-minute pilot. No word on when the show would premiere, but the network would probably use a similar release to last year’s all-dude series pickups: Royal Pains and White Collar came out in the last summer and fall, respectively.

So, are you excited for more Sarah on your television? Are you impressed with USA’s new series roster.

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