Ellen rocks the suit


In honor of Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars this weekend, and in honor of my continuing fascination with fashion (I admit it! I love fashion!), I thought y’all might like to take a look back at some of Ellen’s fashion moments. In the course of scanning through dozens and dozens of photos of Ms. D at a variety of awards shows (hard work, but someone’s gotta do it), I discovered that she tends to stick to a few tried-and-true looks.

For example, she loves to do the black-on-black tuxedo (a good look, true, but sometimes a bit boring):

Ellen's tuxedos

She’s also into the white suit (fun, flashy, Miami!):

Ellen in white

And despite a recent spate of tie-wearing on her talk show, Ellen rarely seems to wear ties to events. Here are two tie-wearing shots: one in which she looks like a rumpled businessman who hasn’t slept in weeks, and one in which she looks quite dapper.

Ellen's ties

For more casual events, she’s into the T-shirt under the blazer. Not bad:

Ellen's T-shirts

And last but not least, Ellen chooses the best accessories. Which one do you prefer?

Ellen's accessories

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