Sing a song of sin


Erin McKeown‘s latest offering, Sing You Sinners, hits stores this week. It’s her fifth album and she also produced it.


Here’s how she describes it:

Thirteen songs of mischief and spunk collected from the forgotten corners of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway. Written by the likes of Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter, and Fats Waller, learned from Fred Astaire, Gene Krupa, Nat King Cole, and Blossom Dearie, Sinners is McKeown’s singular and sly take on the not-so-standard entries in the Great American Songbook.

She kicks off her tour next week in Cambridge, Mass., then wends her way through the country and over to the U.K.

Check out Erin’s tattoo:


Muy misterioso. When I interviewed her back in May, all she would say is that it had personal meaning to her, emphasis on personal. Any theories?

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