Lady Gaga will march in D.C. for National Equality


Bisexual pop star Lady Gaga will be marching alongside her fellow gays this Sunday in Washington D.C. for the National Equality March. I think I just peed myself. No, not because I have an overactive bladder, but because I’m going to be there! As a D.C. native, I know I have to be down there to show support for LGBT rights, and maybe I’ll even get my mom to march alongside her gay (and favorite) daughter.

Gaga spoke passionately at a fundraiser for the March after performing on SNL, telling supporters, “Next week is the gay pride march and I know I’m going to be there marching with all of you.”

Oops. Lady Gaga, don’t know you that Pride happened during the summer? This is not just a “gay pride parade”— this is for political, social and human rights for LGBT Americans. This is much more than a party (though I do hope there’s an after-party); millions of Americans will be marching in policymakers’ backyards, making it impossible for them to shut the blinds of their offices and ignore our rights. I know she meant well, but she should realize her mistake.

Nonetheless, I love the fact that Lady Gaga and other performers like singer Billie Myers will be there. In an effort to rally activists and fans, Gaga so articulately said the event is “not a f—–g joke,” and for everyone to get their “asses to D.C. and wear something fabulous.”

One can only hope that she’ll be wearing something fabulously weird: maybe a “Skittles taste the rainbow” inspired outfit.

Or a giant gay repellent umbrella.

Either way I’m super excited to show my support and catch a glimpse of Gaga in our nation’s capital.

Will you be making the trek to the National Mall come Sunday?

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