Lesbians in La-La-Land


Last night L.A.-based lesbians-in-Hollywood organization Power Up gave me an award for being a Professional Lesbian, and I made my intrepid editors Karman and Malinda go with me. Karman will give you all the details of the event in a day or two, but in the meantime, we have some photos!

First up, the stunning women of South of Nowhere:

South of Nowhere

If you haven’t read our new interview with Maeve Quinlan (center), what are you waiting for? She’s really cool! And not just because she lives with two lesbians.
Here’s a photo of me and Maeve:

Maeve and Sarah

Also in attendance was Christina Cox (Better Than Chocolate), who is currently filming a new series for Lifetime:

Christina Cox

Real-life lesbians Honey Labrador and girlfriend Shannon walked the red carpet…

Honey and Shannon

..and so did Amanda Bearse (formerly Marcy Darcy of Married with Children, now a prolific TV director):

Amanda Bearse

With all the women to pin down for interviews meet, and lesbian entertainment gossip news to get up to speed on, Karman, Malinda and I were just happy to survive the night without our heads exploding:

Karman, Sarah and Malinda

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