Jessica Simpson outs her dog and makes headlines


Step aside, Z and Vielpunkt.

You too, lesbian seagull from South Park.

There is a new out and proud critter in town.

This week, Jessica Simpson outed her maltipoo, Daisy, on Twitter.

After a quick scan of the accompanying photo, we have concluded that, yes, Daisy and Bella do appear to be an old grumpy lesbian couple.

Neither were reachable for comment, although Daisy’s publicist, Bruiser from Legally Blonde (who is also out), indicated that Daisy hopes to be a positive role model for all pooches who are still afraid to “come out” from under the bed. Bruiser took aim at the Re-pug-lican party, who is seeking to re-criminalize same sex humping and butt-sniffing.

“It’s not just indiscriminate leg humping, you know. Just look at Daisy and Bella. This is real love,” Bruiser said. “Those Re-pugs need to get a life.”

The last we heard, the maltipoo had rented a Radio Flyer — commonly known as a Poo-Haul in the small breed lesbian community — and moved all of her chewtoys into Bella’s room, where they are living in domestic bliss.

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