“Plan V” gives Argentine lesbians a series of their own


AfterEllen.com reader textdiva78 gave us the heads-up about a new Web series from Argentina, Plan V.

Since I didn’t retain much of my high school Spanish, I’m relying on textdiva78’s translations skills (and a much less helpful Google translation) to bring you the scoop.

Plan V (as in Vagina) explores the life of Ana (Lorena Romanin), a 30-year-old lesbian with a rocky relationship record.

Then, one day on the subway, she stumbles over a cute girl, Laura (Sofia Wilhelmi), and falls head over heels in love. Unfortunately, Laura happens to be in a relationship — with Ana’s brother, Martin (Diego Gentile).

Ana is “helped” by her friends: couple Mara (Serrana Díaz) and Pato, aka Duck (Maruja Bustamamte) and party girl Flor (Gaby Bex).

Fortunately, we don’t need a translator to understand this.

I think that scene takes place in Ana’s imagination, but personally, I don’t care.

The chemistry between Romanin and Wilhelmi, who created Plan V, is not surprising given that the two have been in a relationship for three years. They had a civil union ceremony in March, which gives them limited rights in Argentina, but falls far short of marriage. The realization that lesbian visibility is an important step toward equality was a driving force behind the series. (If you read Spanish or have the patience to wade through a literal Google translation, you can find out more about the couple here.)

The 11-episode first season of Plan V is complete and available for viewing at the Plan V site. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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