Models show off their natural beauty, no Photoshop necessary


Oh, if only Peter Lindbergh had gotten to Kelly Clarkson before SELF magazine did. The famed fashion photographer has continued his campaign against excessive Photoshopping with a new photoshoot featuring women in their natural beauty. And how every beautiful it is.

Lindbergh has followed up his April French Elle cover story featuring the likes of Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova and Sophie Marceau with minimal to no makeup and retouching with a similar spread in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. This time instead of actresses he has photographed some of the world’s most gorgeous supermodels doing what they do best — being really, really gorgeous.

Cindy Crawford and Amber Valletta (above) are joined by six of their fellow supermodels. They are:

Helena Christensen

Shalom Harlow

Claudia Schiffer

Tatjana Patitz

Nadja Auermann

Kristen McMenamy

Now, of course, these women are all ridiculously genetically blessed in the first place. They look better just rolling out of bed than 99.9 percent of us would look after working for hours of work with an army of beauty consultants. But still, like in the Elle shoot, it is both arresting and alluring to see them without the high-sheen of glamour.

Lindbergh has been vocal in his criticism of excessive Photoshopping that turns the women on the cover of fashion magazines into “objects from Mars.” As he told the New York Times in May:

My feeling is that for years now (retouching) has taken a much too big part in how women are being visually defined today. Heartless retouching should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.

Can I get an amen? Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the fashion industry saw this cult of impossible perfection via Photoshop for what it was: heartless, both to the women it portrays and the women who will then judge themselves against the unobtainable. Also, as long as we’re wishing for things, when I’m 43 like Cindy Crawford I’d like to have those arms, too. Hey, it never hurts to ask.

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