Amy Adams tells “Allure” she was “bamboozled” with a girl-on-girl kiss


I remember the first time I saw Amy Adams in a movie. She was among a cast of women who, at the time, were a little more well known in the amazing dark comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous. (Should we now compare careers: Adams vs. Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley or Brittany Murphy? I still think Allison Janney and Ellen Barkin pull out ahead, though. Kirsten Dunst is wavering, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt she’ll make a good career choice again soon.)

But back to Amy, whose career has taken off since she played the cheerleading-pageant-hopeful with a horny boyfriend in DDG. Since then, she’s been up for an Academy Award for playing a suspicious nun in Doubt, Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2, a crime-scene washing sister to Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning, and her newest part in Julie & Julia is alongside Doubt co-star and all-around actress-extraordinaire Meryl Streep.

Yeah, she’s pretty much on the right track.

So why is it that the latest I’m hearing about Amy Adams is about her starring role in the straight-to-DVD Cruel Intentions sequel from 2000? Oh, because she happened to kiss a girl in it. And that, according to Fox News, is newsworthy because she was tricked!

The Fox News website quotes from an interview with the actress out of this month’s Allure magazine, writing:

One thing Adams was not ready for? Getting kissed by a girl. Apparently the actress had to be tricked into a lesbian kiss on the set of Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep.

“I’m not the first or last who’s been bamboozled by a surprise lesbian kiss in a movie, I’m sure,” she says.


Gotta love that completely objective Fox News with that little “indeed” stuck in there. Now I haven’t read the entire interview with Adams, as the issue does not hit stands until July 21, but I’m pretty sure there’s a little context to this statement. I’m also pretty sure that this might be the least exciting part of the interview, considering Amy Adams, the individual, is still pretty new to us as she’s a budding star who doesn’t like to put herself in the eye of the paparazzi.

As for all of the actresses out there who might feel “bamboozled” into a “surprise lesbian kiss,” I’d be really interested to know what the script said before you began shooting, and how you were suddenly talked into such a “surprising” scenario. Did the blocking read “the two women lean, their lips very close”? Or perhaps “the two women are locking parts of their faces that we will not put on paper so that we may later convince you it is needed for the viewer’s sake and passionate belivability?”


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