Lezathlon is the Biggest Lesbian Summer Camp in the World

Lily Khuu

AfterEllen had the opportunity to connect with Morgan Faye, the CEO of the biggest lesbian summer camp in the world — Lezathlon (previously called Lezlympics).  Women travel from all over the world to experience this unforgettable weekend of team bonding and competition.  She’s been producing these events for six years and talked about the creation of Lezathlon, the different types of obstacles team campers can expect, and how women travel from all over the United States to attend.  The kick-off party starts this August 31st in West Hollywood California, at Revolver Bar and the camp starts on September 1st until September 3rd at Canyon Creek in Lake Hughes, California.


AE: What are the best highlights of the Lezathlon experience?

MF: Lezathlon has always been about the competition. Yes, it’s a great party and yes, most of the events are ridiculous but it is all about being part of a team and competing in some silly games. Our obstacle course is definitely one of the highlights of the competition and oil wrestling is always a crowd pleaser. I also love seeing what the teams come up with for their names and costumes. Everyone is always so creative with it. We have names like Missionary Impossible, Pusse Possy, Lick It Or Ticket, United Gaytions, Clam Jam, and Lesbros. The team bonding and silly  events are the heart and soul of Lezathlon.


AE: If someone doesn’t want to compete on a team are there other options to attend?

MF: Totally. We offer Spectator Passes for the whole weekend, a 24-Hour Saturday night Pass, and a Sunday Spectator Pass. If you want to stand on the sidelines sipping a  margarita and laughing at your friend trying to do a wheelbarrow race, then the Spectator Pass is definitely for you! We can also place individuals or pairs of friends on a team if they are unable to make their own team.  We want to make it so that everyone can participate if they want to!


AE: When and why did you start to start Lezathlon?

MF: Lezathlon actually started as my birthday party in 2012 as an event called Lezlympics. I wanted to invite a bunch of lesbians to the park and make them do push-ups. You know, normal birthday party activities. I told my friends they could invite a few of their friends and within 24 hours I had 150 RSVPs! I couldn’t believe it. I had to shut down the invite, it got so crazy. I got a permit and we launched the first Lezlympics! It was such a fun day and everyone loved it. I realized that this was something the community really wanted and really needed and so I decided to make it an official event.

Lezathlon | Pictured: Morgan Faye, CEO

AE: Tell us about the different obstacles attendees can expect to experience.

MF: There is something for everyone at Lezathlon.  We have hardcore obstacles like THE WALL for our premier athletes and we have games like Trivia for our brainiacs.  The games are meant to be silly and lighthearted so everyone who participates can enjoy them.  Who doesn’t love a good wheelbarrow race?!?


AE: How long does it take you to prepare the campsite for the event?

MF: This is our first year moving Lezathlon to camp and we are really excited! I have always wanted to make this a weekend event so that there is more downtime to relax and meet new people. We started prepping for camp 18 months ago and we will be hosting our first camp in Los Angeles over Labor Day Weekend!


AE: Where do your campers travel from to enjoy Lezathlon?

MF: We have campers that come from all over the United States.  We’ve had people fly in from New York, Miami, Seattle, Denver, Austin, San Diego, and the Bay Area.


AE: What is the main reason you continue to produce this summer camp and how often does Lezathlon occur? 

MF: Lezathlon is an annual lesbian charity sporting event celebrating women in athletics and the idea that no one is too cool to do a wheelbarrow race.  This is our 6th annual Lezathlon and our 1st Summer Camp!  This type of event is so important to our community.  It is a safe space where women can meet other women in a relaxed and more wholesome environment.  Lezathlon breaks out of the traditional nightclub party mold and allows women to play sports and socialize outdoors in a beautiful environment.


AE: What challenges have you faced in keeping it going?

MF: Everyone loves Lezathlon and looks forward to it every year.  We’ve received hundreds of emails about bringing Lezathlon to cities around the world and we are currently in the process of expanding the event into other markets!  Lezathlon is almost 100% volunteer run and so a lot of people are working together to make this happen!


AE: How many campers are usually in attendance each year?

MF: We had over 500 athletes at our last Lezathlon! For our first camp this year, we are keeping it smaller and will be hosting a few hundred campers!

AfterEllen staff will be attending Lezathlon this year and look forward to joining the biggest lesbian summer camp in the world!  Ticket sales have been temporarily extented on their website where you can choose to be on a team or enjoy the competition as a spectator.

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