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Question: Loving Annabelle‘s official MySpace page posted a blog a few months ago promising a “surprise” and a re-release of the film in April 2009. It’s already June, and I can’t find any re-released version. Is the release not going to happen, or has it been delayed?

Kathryn Clark,



Question: Is there a release date for Katherine Brooks’s new movie Waking Madison? Will it be released in theaters or straight to DVD?

Vicki, Boston, Massachusetts

Writer/director Katherine Brooks and friend

Answer: The films past, present, and future of Katherine Brooks are so often in the subject line of the emails I receive that I’m thinking of setting up a separate account (“Ask about Katherine Brooks”) just to field them!

I reached out to Brooks for an update on the re-release of Loving Annabelle, and she told me, “It has been delayed as we are obtaining the rights to feature a special bonus on the release DVD.”

For more info on the nature of that special feature (because that was your next question, right?), I took Brooks’s suggestion and contacted Wolfe Video, who declined to spill the details until everything is finalized. Wolfe did tell me that they had hoped for a December release, but that’s looking a bit less likely as the days go by. interviewed Brooks last summer about Waking Madison, which she then described as being about, “a young woman, Madison, who suffers from multiple personality disorder. She’s suicidal and has really just given up on life. She decides to lock herself in her apartment for 30 days as a last resort.” The film stars Loving Annabelle‘s Erin Kelly, Elisabeth Shue, Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) and Sarah Roemer (Disturbia) in the title role.

Regarding the release date for Waking Madison, Brooks told me, “We are not certain yet, but the release date is getting closer and will announce it as soon as we know.”

For now, Brooks is busy working on another project. She told me, “I’m getting ready to begin casting my next movie, The Boys Club, which is based on a female horse jockey.” That jockey that inspired the film is Julie Krone, the first woman to win a Triple Crown race.

I’m not sure if the horse with Brooks in the photo above is going to be in the film or if it is just a friend, but you know what they say about those Hollywood casting stables!

Question: After I saw the trailer of The Stone Angel, I’m so interested in Christine Horne. And after I found this picture on Google (see below), I REALLY wanna know more about her. Is she gonna be in any movie soon?

Mag, Hong Kong

Christine Horne

Answer: Thanks for doing my photo-hunting work for me! (Are you good with grammar as well? Let’s talk!)

The Canadian theatre actor appears to be at just the beginning of her film and television career. Her small body of film work includes The Stone Angel (co-starring Ellen Burstyn and Ellen Page) in 2007, the Canadian TV series The Dresden Files (2008) and a Canadian television production of Othello, also in 2008.

In a recent interview, Horne credited Burstyn with indoctrinating her into the world of film. “We went out to dinner and she gave me the film ‘code.’ On a film set people take for granted that you know the lingo. I had no idea what (they) were saying. She filled me in, helped me read my call sheet. All these things they should have sent me off with a (production assistant) to learn. I had Ellen Burstyn.”

I tracked Horne down and asked her what else she’s working on, and this is what she told me:

The Stone Angel was my first and only foray into feature films – I do mostly independent theatre in Toronto. I run two companies, The Thistle Project and KICK Theatre, and can usually be found working on projects at various stages of development with either of those. I also recently played “Desdemona” in a CBC television adaptation of Othello which is now available on DVD (in Canada, anyhow!).

I hope that’s helpful – I’m afraid my career isn’t all that interesting!

Well, of course, we beg to differ. Let’s make a pact to keep our collective eye on the talented Ms. Horne.

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