The World is Getting Its First Vagina Museum


A more accurate description would be the world’s first vulva museum, but a vagina is a part of that so we’ll let it go. What matters is that a woman has a vision and she’s out to make sure the vagina (and the vulva in its entirety, we hope …since that’s where the almighty clitoris lives) gets the respect it so rightly deserves. After all, there is a penis museum in Iceland. And that’s exactly what came to the attention of the vagina museum’s creator, Florence Schechter, when she came up with the idea to start her own museum dedicated entirely to the glorious female anatomy. On her Patreon page, she explains how the concept came about.

“I am a science YouTuber and I was doing research for a YouTube video about my Top 10 Animal Vaginas to go alongside the one I’ve made about penises. But it was really difficult to find info – I was struggling to find 10 amazing animal vaginas. There just isn’t enough vagina research out there. My brain went ‘hey, there’s that penis museum in Iceland. Maybe there’s a vagina museum?’. There is not. (Well there’s a virtual one but I won’t rest until there is FULL EQUALITY). What is the only way to address this lack of vagina representation? Make your own vagina museum.”


Right now the museum is her brainchild in the initial development and fundraising phase, and here is what you need to know and reasons why you should get behind this amazing project (in case the words vagina and museum together wasn’t enough). In Schechter’s own words:

So far, the plan is to have three permanent exhibits:

Science, which will include the physical parts of the vagina, processes  like menstruation, sexuality, and animals.

Culture, which will include vaginas in art, literature, music, society, and the horrors of sexual violence female genital mutilation.

History, which will include the research that has gone into the vagina and feminist topics.

Schechter wants to take it further, with events that will include everything from plays and poetry readings to lectures, first aid training, and tech events.

You can read the full  plan on her Patreon page, and become a patron if you want to be a part of herstory!

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