Did You Know It’s Lesbian Visibility Day?


#AlienDay is trending on Twitter right now.  You know what’s not trending on social media?

#LesbianVisibilityDay.  It’s today.

We’ve got work to do.  #NotVeryVisible


 Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


Lesbian Visibility Day was started in 2008, according to “the internet”.   When Googling the history of this day a Wikipedia article has a link that loops back to a general LGBT Day article.  Only a small handful of published articles mention Lesbian Visibility Day and all of them appear to be just as clueless about this day’s origin.

One of the top links that pop up on Google’s search engine results is a Facebook event page where people can RSVP their participation in Lesbian Visibility Day.  With only ten RSVPs, the party isn’t exactly booming:


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.14.59 AM


If you have anymore information about the history of Lesbian Visibility Day, please share your information in the comments.  Let’s join together to celebrate the joy of being our true selves the way this day was intended!

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