DapperQ’s iD opens New York Fashion Week with gender fluid models and designers


New York Fashion Week is underway and over the weekend, DapperQ held its third annual queer and gender-nonconforming show, iD,at the Brooklyn Museum. The runway featured 65 gender fluid models, including Casey Legler and Elliott Sailors, showcasing seven designers: Angie ChuangSir New YorkSharpe Suiting + NiK KacyStuzo ClothingThe TailoryThomas Thomas and WE ARE MORTALS

web_72photo by Hanna Cohen Photography

I feel that queer style is at the forefront of dismantling oppressive gender binaries and beauty norms,” said Anita Dolce Vita, the show’s Executive Producer and owner of dapperQ. “It is not only a powerful tool in our community’s fight for liberation, but also has immense emancipatory potential that extends far beyond the LGBTQ community. This show is a celebration of our bodies, our style, our beauty, and our contributions to the fashion community, which are often co-opted without credit or completely erased.”

web_68photo by Hanna Cohen Photography

SquareSpace and TomboyX served as sponsors for the event, which out model Elliot Sailors (currently the face of H&M in Times Square) praises as a space to be free of definition.

DapperQ-27photo by Debbie-jean Lemonte of DAG Images

“Fashion is [an] opportunity for transformation and empowerment, because in getting dressed we have the opportunity each and every day to express ourselves and tell the world who we are,” Elliott said in a press release. “I was honored to walk that runway and honored to attend, brought to tears on both occasions seeing models and attendees all so very grateful to be a part of this testament of what it is to be human. The fashion industry needs to take the opportunity to create freedom of self-expression for all people.”

web_59Photo credit Hanna Cohen Photography

Other models include Melanie Gaydos, founder of Trans Models Peche Di, rappers Cakes Da Killa and Will Sheridan, and Infinite Coles, son of  Ghostface Killah.

Check out some photos from iD below and visit dapperQ for more on queer style. (Photos by Debbie-jean Lemonte of DAG Images.)

DapperQ-25 DapperQ-24 DapperQ-23 DapperQ-30 DapperQ-29 DapperQ-28 DapperQ-26 DapperQ-42 DapperQ-36 DapperQ-35 DapperQ-33 DapperQ-32 DapperQ-31 DapperQ-44 DapperQ-43 DapperQ-41 DapperQShow-5 DapperQShow-4 DapperQShow-15 DapperQShow-13 DapperQShow-12 DapperQShow-7 DapperQShow-33 DapperQShow-30 DapperQShow-26 DapperQShow-24 DapperQShow-22photos by DAG Images

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