Ask (May 19, 2009)


Want to know the status of a particular movie, TV show, or band? Wondering what a certain actress is up to these days? Send your entertainment-related questions to — with your first name, city and country — and we’ll try to answer as many as we can.

Question: Is it true? There is going to be a Girltrash! movie? We’ve read on Killola’s page that Lisa is starting shooting in October so it must be true and she also hinted that the whole cast is going to be back in. Do you know anything more? Isn’t this exciting?

― Nathalie, Toronto

Answer: Yes, the rumors are true, and, yes, also exciting! For official confirmation, I checked in with Girltrash! creator Angela Robinson, and here’s what she told me:

We are in talks with producers to shoot a (very low budget) Girltrash! movie in December, starring the original cast, plus some new characters. I’m writing the script now, and Alex Kondracke (writer on The L Word, who shot the original web series and directed part of it), will be directing.

We are in the midst of getting the Girltrash! website back online and will be bringing updates from the production as we go. Killola has agreed to write a bunch of songs for the movie, which is awesome.

The Girltrash! movie is being produced by POWER UP, the organization that also brought us Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

POWER UP’s founder and executive director, Stacy Codikow stated, “POWER UP is so proud of all the sucess that has come to Angela since we worked with her on D.E.B.S., that it  is our pleasure to work with her again on another amazing concept of hers.”

Robinson also told me that she’s currently working on the new HBO series, Hung, starring Thomas Jane, Jane Adams and Anne Heche, which will begin airing this summer. She’s got a lot going on, so if you want to keep up with her, follow her on Twitter: @RobinsonAngela.

And if it’s inspiration you seek, check out the article Robinson wrote for AE a few years ago, “Why We Don’t Need the Man.” It’s all about why queer women should be making our own media. I dare you not to start writing your own short film immediately after you read it.

Question: I heard in several sources that Queen Latifah had a girlfriend and had gotten married. Is this true?

― Kesha

Queen Latifah

Answer: Well if it is, I wasn’t invited. I can’t find official notice of Queen Latifah marrying anyone, but she did recently attend a high-profile marriage (of rapper Talib Kweli and his wife, DJ Eque).

This does, however, bring up an interesting question. If Queen Latifah married a woman, what would her wife’s title be? Traditionally speaking, when someone marries a reigning queen, their new title is “Prince.” But since that one is, at least in the realm of pop culture, already taken, would she instead be “Princess?”

For what it’s worth, when someone marries a reigning King, they become a “Queen Consort,” and that already sounds like way more fun, doesn’t it?

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