The 2009 Hot 100: Women of Color


It’s no surprise that Jennifer Beals was the hottest woman of color on the 2009 Hot 100: she’s not only beautiful and smart, but an outspoken advocate for queer and biracial women — and she’s played one of the most popular and visible lesbians on television for the last six years.

The rest of the women of color on the Hot 100 are actors, models and singers from all over the world — and America’s First Lady.

1. Jennifer Beals 2. Sara Shahi 3. Sara Ramirez 4. Jordana Brewster

5. Rose Rollins 6. Lisa Ray 7. Megan Fox 8. Michelle Rodriguez 9. Laura Sanchez 10. Penelope Cruz 11. Lucy Liu 12. Jessica Lecia 13. Patricia Vico 14. Sandra Oh 15. Padma Lakshmi 16. Sheetal Sheth 17. Jessica Alba 18. Freida Pinto 19. Salma Hayek 20. Alicia Keys 21. Dichen Lachman 22. Michelle Obama 23. Halle Berry 24. Shelley Conn

Here are the next ten you voted for — the women of color who just missed making the Hot 100. Most are actors, three are actor/singers, two are actor/comedians, one is openly gay (noted with an asterisk) — and all have caught the eye of lesbian and bisexual women. Click on their names to learn more about them!

25. Gabrielle Union


26. Eva Mendes


27. Wanda Sykes*


28. Beyonce


29. Rosario Dawson


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