The 2009 Hot 100: Out Women


Portia de Rossi — one-half of America’s most visible gay couple, a gay marriage activist, and the scene-stealing star of the ABC comedy Better Off Ted — topped the 2009 Hot 100. This year, in fact, five openly gay or bisexual women made it into the top 10.

Here are the 18 out women who made the Hot 100:

1. Portia de Rossi 2. Leisha Hailey 3. Rachel Maddow 4. Angelina Jolie 5. Gro Hammerseng 6. Ellen DeGeneres 7. Clementine Ford 8. Tegan Quin 9. Bridget McManus 10. Sara Quin 11. Laurel Holloman 12. Megan Fox 13. Jill Bennett 14. Jodie Foster 15. Lindsay Lohan 16. Missy Higgins 17. Alexandra Hedison 18. Ruby Rose 19. Amanda Palmer

And here are the next ten out women you voted for — women who just missed making the Hot 100, including a chef, an athlete, a DJ, a model, and a writer, along with the usual actors, actor-comedians, and actor-writers. Enjoy!

20. Cat Cora


21. Wanda Sykes


22. Katja Nyberg


23. Sarah Paulson


24. Samantha Ronson


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