Bobby Brown confirms Whitney Houston’s relationship with Robyn Crawford


In Bobby Brown‘s new memoir, Every Little Step, the singer confirms that his late ex-wife Whitney Houston was bisexual. While it has always been rumored that Whitney had a relationship with her friend and assistant Robyn Crawford, no one that knew Whitney personally would confirm the relationship until now.

Whitney HoustonPhoto by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Us Weekly reports that the book details the discussions Whitney and Bobby would have about the women’s relationship and that he ultimately was OK with her having an extra-marital relationship with Robyn, who he thinks would still be in her life today were she still alive.

Whitney’s mother, Cissy, has been very adamant about Whitney’s heterosexuality, which is often cited as a reason that Whitney kept her bisexuality secret. But it’s not clear if Whitney would have ever wanted to make that part of her life public anyway, considering how much pop stars still feel they had to lose with such revelations, especially during the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s where she truly dominated both music charts and the box office with hits like The Bodyguard.

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Robyn Crawford is an out lesbian and now married with children. She penned a beautiful remembrance of Whitney for Esquire, where her wife is on the editorial staff, upon her death. Otherwise, she lives a relatively private life and will likely not comment on Bobby’s book or subsequent interviews where he’ll likely be asked more about the topic. It is worth noting that Angela Bassett‘s Lifetime biopic Whitney hinted at a relationship between Robyn and Whitney, but erred on the side of allusiveness.

As for Whitney herself, she once told Out why she thinks gay rumors surrounded her:

“I ain’t ‘ho’-in. “I ain’t suckin’ no dick. I ain’t gettin’ on my knees. Something must be wrong: I can’t just really sing. I can’t just be a really talented, gifted person. She’s gotta be gay.”

And about Bobby during that same 2000 piece:

“I love him—and he don’t give a shit that you’re gay.”

It would appear Whitney had a few hang-ups about what being gay meant, though she did credit Cissy for also being LGBT-friendly:

“I watched the way my mother dealt with gay people. They could tell her anything and she wouldn’t trip. She’d be like [adopting a sassy, worldly voice] ‘If so-and-so don’t treat you right, fuck ‘em. Leave ‘em and move on to the next thang.’ It was about relationships and loving each other. My mother was an inspiring singer. She sang from her heart about love, the tragedies, the ups, downs, the all-arounds of love, and she somehow made you feel like you’d come out triumphant, no matter what. This had a strong hold for gay people. She’d come out in her slippers and sing. They’d love that. ‘Sing, Miss Cissy!’ She was real.”

But when it comes to her own daughter? Cissy once told Oprah it would have “absolutely” bothered her were Whitney in a “gay relationship” with Robyn, who she also didn’t like much. In her own book, Cissy maintains the two were “very good friends.”

Tragically, Whitney will continue to be a mystery to us as we lost her too soon, but the public fascination with such a talented, beautiful, strong woman is a testament to how much she meant to so many, even if we didn’t know her as well as we would have liked.

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