The Best of Butch Twitter


More verbal than visual? Value wit above form? Prefer to express your current emotional state with a pithy comment less than 120 characters rather than inspirational picture quote? Sounds like you might be a twitter user! This week is all about highlighting butch visibility, and I’m strongly encouraging all users to butch up their Twitter feed by following these strong butches and studs.


Butch Wonders [@butchwonders]

The clever butch blogger actively tweets about her experiences as a butch lesbian. She’s also been known to contribute to AfterEllen.



ButchOnTap [@ButchOnTap]

The prolific writer and Huffington Post contributor loves femmes, beer, and being butch.



Ali Liebegott [@AliLiebegott]

Hilarious butch comedian and writer for Transparent. Generally killing it.



Miranda Sajdak [@MirandaSajdak]

This badass lesbian director is an accomplished Hollywood vet whose latest short film, Snapshot, went to Outfest. She is currently fundraising for her latest project, No Trace.



Missouri Vaun [@MissouriVaun]

A prolific romance novelist and Mississippi native. Her latest book, Whiskey Sunrise, is “The story of Lovey Porter and Royal Duval in Prohibition-era Georgia.”


Chris Bourg [@mchris4duke]

MIT’s powerful Director of Libraries is an influential sociologist who blogs as The Feral Librarian.


Sinclair Sexsmith [@MrSexsmith]

The best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queer women.  



Kia Comedy [@KiaComedy]

This hysterically funny, wildly talented comedienne is an active participant in youth outreach and regularly performs at major venues such as The Atlanta Improv Club, Atlanta Comedy Theater, and The Laughing Skull Lounge.



Phyllis Nagy [@PhyllisNagy]

Best known for writing Carol, this brilliant butch screenwriter, director, and dramatist has been nominated for Academy, Primetime Emmy, and Writers Guild of America Awards.



Old School Butch [@OldSchoolButch]

Your quintessential funny, irreverent, and culturally conscious butch regularly tweets her thoughts on current events, Hollywood, and gay culture.


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