“Boxed In” is all-too-real lesbian-themed comedy


Amy York Rubin is best known for her series Little Horribles, and since then, she’s been working on several new projects including this new IFC offering, Boxed In. Amy describes the premise as a series about “how our culture likes to box people into specific identities (particularly as it applies to sexual orientation) and some of the more banal difficulties that arise when you try to not get in that box.” The IFC press release adds that the six episodes are a take on “daily dilemmas as a ‘gay-ish’ woman living in Los Angeles…straight friends who give mixed signals, the ups and downs of online dating and the all-too complicated lesbian fashion-scene, are all fair game.” (Spoiler: It’s not gay-ish. It’s GAY.)


Some familiar faces pop up in Boxed In, including Rosewood‘s Anna Konkle, Mo Welch, Mel Shimkovitz and Brittany Ashley. If you’re a fan of irreverent comedy and laughing at the very real situations we find ourselves in as queer women, you’ll love this show. 

In the first episode, “Fashion,” Amy struggles to find the lines between butch, femme and business casual.

In “Online Dating,” Amy joins a lesbian dating app and finds the pickins’ are slim.

In “Types,” Amy judges women based on their looks.

In “Precarious Friends,” Amy’s dude friend accurately predicts what will happen when she tries to date a straight woman.

In “Guessing Game,” Amy is confused by a woman at the dog park.

In “Fame,” there’s an entire musical number about what happens when someone famous comes out. Learn it, live it, love it. (I do.)

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