Queer Women to Watch: Spring 2009


Keeping up with all of the queer women doing cool things in
entertainment is a daunting task for some, but AfterEllen.com is up for the challenge.
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some of the up-and-comers in different fields of art and entertainment.

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Amber Tozer, comedian

Bisexual comic Amber Tozer says she was inspired to try out
stand-up comedy much like many other people probably have — by meeting
motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

“He invited me to his self help seminar,” Tozer
said. “He talked about living your dream and why you should do it. A few
weeks later I did stand up comedy. It wasn’t even my dream to be a comic — maybe
Tony confused me, but who cares. I’m still doing it!”

Tozer, who lives in Los
Angeles where she performs regularly at venues such as
El Cid, describes her brand of comedy as “meltdown-y.”

“I go on stage with one or two ideas and see what happens when I get up
there — sometimes I get really emotional and rant-y,” Tozer said. “I
just don’t have time to write jokes, re-write jokes, figure out my set and do
all that
work most comics are supposed to do. I just want to talk to the people!”

Her approach to comedy is part of what makes her a breath of
proverbial fresh air in the land of stand-up. Of her bisexuality being featured
in her act, Tozer said it’s “much more of a side note, because there’s so
much more to talk about than just sexuality.”

“I joke around that I’m 30% gay, 70% straight and 100%
alcoholic,” Tozer said.”I’m pretty brazen when I talk about hooking
up with chicks and I have a few fun lady-on-lady stories that I bust out every
once in awhile. Right now I have a crush on two girls and one boy. So maybe my
gay percentage is fluctuating. That’s something I can have a meltdown about on
stage for sure.”

Tozer said her favorite comedians run from classics like
Steve Martin, Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor to modern-day comic geniuses like
Ellen, Janeane Garafalo, Margaret Cho and Sarah Silverman. Her ultimate goal,
though, is to create and produce an animated series.

“And also wouldn’t mind taking a shot at acting,”
Tozer said. “Like dramatic acting  — where I have to cry and/or kill

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