What lesbian couples are fighting about and how they can stop


With the hope of getting clinicians to learn how to be less stigmatizing and develop more skill-sets in cultural diversity, same-sex couples will feel more comfortable getting the relationship counseling that might help keep them together. Dr. Whitton’s study found that the methods she was part of developing were strengthening and provided proven techniques in problem solving and conflict resolution. Now, she wants to get her materials out into the world so that more couples can be given the right tools to succeed, including videos with same-sex female couples arguing, learning how to talk through their issues, and demonstrating  the process for viewers. 


While at the ABCT Convention, Dr. Whitton also hosted a half-hour workshop, inviting anyone who was interested in “directly talking about how to deliver couple interventions in a culturally sensitive way to sexual minorities.”

“It was basic terminology like how gender identity is different from sexual orientation,” she said, noting that while professionals are supposed to be seeking out that continuous training, they don’t always follow through. “Just some common ways you might be inadvertently expressing kind of a heterosexist bias or using a heteronormative framework that might be off-putting.”

“I wanted to provide historical and current social context in which same-sex couples live,” Dr. Whitton said. “Here are the way different sex and same-sex couples are similar and different.” Because we are.

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