“ArtXX” shows off women in their mediums


It’s rare that I will spend $14 on a magazine, so it has to mean something that I picked up a copy of ArtXX at my local indie bookstore without glancing at the price, and still purchased it when the total was announced. As print is a dying breed in itself, supporting a magazine with a tagline like “Women in the Arts” is definitely something I’m willing to invest in. (Luckily, it’s quarterly so I’m not about to go broke investing in it.)

The first issue of ArtXX is full of pieces on out female artists, including London-based photographer Christa Holka, who calls herself the Queer Paparazzi. She takes candid photos at queer events and captures the lives of her friends and strangers in their elements.

Artist Cristy C. Road is interviewed, as well as lesbian electro duo Scream Club and out MC Invincible.

Published in Oakland, Calif., the magazine is internationally focused, with articles on women based in areas from San Francisco to Berlin. It’s a breath of fresh air in the publishing industry, as there are few other publications that highlight these women in three- to four-page spreads, asking relevant questions such as “What is feminist art?”

ArtXX is also home to poetry, creative writing and drawings from women artists. It’s advertising-free and has a clean-cut and colorful layout. It may be 14 bucks, but it’s going toward something worth the printing costs.

Does it sound like a magazine you’d be into reading?

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