Vote for lesbian/bi women in ’09


The 2008 Weblog Awards finalists were announced last week and several lesbian/bisexual bloggers are in the mix.

Since more than 5,000 blogs were nominated in 49 categories, making the slate of finalists is notable, to say the least. Here are a few to consider when you cast your vote. She Got Me Pregnant vloggers, Dana and Helen, are nominated in the Best Large Blog category for their wonderful blog for lesbian moms,

Mombian is like a lifeline for lesbian parents. At least that’s what my lesbian friends with kids say. Saints, every one of them.

Grace Chu’s blog, Grace the Spot, is nominated for Best New Blog. If you haven’t discovered this rowdy gaggle of Graces, you’re in for a treat.

I asked blogger Grace if she had something profound to share that might persuade you to vote for her blog:

Vote early and often. You can vote once a day. And like eating apples, you should! It won’t keep the doctor away, but it will keep me away, smiling in my virtual cocoon so that I am not a menace to society. Do it for the starving children in Africa and to spite the starving children on Wall Street!

I’m not sure what that means, but I’m kind of scared not to vote for her. Besides, Grace thought up that “8 Against 8” campaign against Prop 8, which raised $13,759 and made me proud to know her.

Bisexual comedian Margaret Cho is nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger.

Cho alternately infuriates and tickles me, but she never fails to entertain me. And she certainly earns big points for openly supporting LGBT causes this year — even before the rest of Hollywood got on board.

One of my favorite reads is LifeHacker, the brainchild of out lesbian Gina Trapani.

I readily admit to being a geek, but I think LifeHacker would be on my Google Reader even if I weren’t. On any given day, I can find out how to take a picture of fire, why “Tetris” is good for the soul and where to find a decent and affordable Web host. It has my vote for Best Technology Blog.

The ever-hilarious Riese, Marie Lyn Bernard, is a finalist in the Best LGBT Blog category for This Girl Called Automatic Win. Her post about the Weblog Awards is a great read and will give you a sense of what the awards mean to the bloggers. Riese is another of the “8 Against 8” and occasionally hangs out in Alexi’s Closet. (Here, she has just been called “a lady.”)

Other lesbian/bisexual bloggers that are finalists for Best LGBT Blog are:

The brilliant and stimulating Pam’s House Blend, which won the category in 2005 and 2006. When I happen to disagree with Pam, I want to throw things at the computer screen — because she’s so damn smart.

The stimulating of another kind Susie Bright’s Journal, from the woman who was lesbian sex consultant for Bound. I am eternally grateful.

Tammy Bruce, who encourages you to vote for another blog, since hers isn’t about LGBT issues. I know nothing about Bruce beyond what I just read on her blog, but I’m inclined to agree with her, if not her recommendation for what to vote for instead.

Shakesville, while not specifically lesbian, is certainly an advocate for our issues. It’s nominated for Best Liberal Blog.

The complete list of 2008 Weblog Award finalists with links to the sites is here. Voting continues until 5 p.m. ET January 13 and you can vote once every 24 hours. If you know of other sites on the list with lesbian or bisexual bloggers, let us know in the comments. And feel free to express your opinion on any and all finalists.

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