Aubrey O’Day thinks it’s funny we care about her sexuality


Rumors have circulated about Aubrey O’Day‘s sexuality since she started showing up at events with someone she referred to as her girlfriend. Of course, being well known for seeking publicity at just about any cost, it seemed like she was trying to ride the coattails of the Lindsay Lohan/Sam Ronson fanaticism of late.

O’Day sat down with MTV News for an on camera interview and answered for herself, which was a little confusing, to say the least.

It’s great that she wants to be “real” and all, but her comments about feeling pressure and not knowing who she’s going to love kind of rubbed me the wrong way — the way in which I feel she could possibly be the type of person who feels pressure to talk openly and candidly about relationships and her personal life just for some face time. (Arguable case in point: this interview is a prelude to a “big announcement” we’re supposed to be checking back for on Wednesday.)

Lately I’ve been wondering if as a community we can be skeptical of letting some people “join the club,” as if we are in need of some hard evidence before we’ll let just anyone in. Are we being too hard on some people just because we don’t want them to become a poster child for the respect and acceptance we seek to gain, or have we just dealt with too many Anne Heche-types in our day?

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