Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 6, 2006)


Friday, October 6, 2006


Nina (Shelley Conn)We’ve been hearing good things from our U.K. readers about Nina’s Heavenly Delights, a new film by independent film-maker, producer and writer Pratibha Parmar that combines lesbians, Indian food and family drama.

The movie follows Nina (Shelley Conn), who returns home to her Scottish town after her father dies to take over the family restaurant, and falls in love with the new-part owner, Lisa (Laura Fraser), while competing against another restaurant in a ‘Best of the West’ curry competition. Think a Scottish Personal Best with a happier ending and a side of Naan. And no bad ’70s running shorts.

No word yet on when it will be released widely in the States, but it’s playing at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 15th; we’ll bring you a review soon. Until then, watch the trailer at the official site.


Michelle on Top ModelOn Monday, Oprah explored the topic of women who didn’t figure out they were gay until after they were married (to a man). In our poll, readers seemed to find the episode to be mostly positive, and that was my take on it, too. But Oprah does lay on the wide-eyed innocent act a little thick. For example, despite supposedly having a lot of close gay friends, Oprah claimed she’d never heard of the “Kinsey scale”. Um, even my mother has heard of that, and that was before the movie about it starring Liam Neeson!

In other TV news this week, Lauren was eliminated from The Amazing Race, but Michelle (pictured, right) did fairly well on America’s Next Top Model, despite continuing to walk like a lesbian. I know, I know–I shouldn’t stereotype. But it’s true!


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom. Yes, it seems like just yesterday, but in pop culture time it’s the equivalent of 65 “cycles” of America’s Next Top Model! In order to keep this site relevant–and to save us from having to continually explain what we’re about to new readers, and to skeptical Hollywood publicists who don’t want to give us interviews with their clients because they think we’re an Ellen DeGeneres fan site–it’s time to make a change. Not to the content or focus of the website, just to the name, and this time to one that won’t be dated in another 10 years.

Since we have so many creative readers (as the movie poster contest demonstrated), I thought I would throw this out there to you all for help: if you have a suggestion for a name, email it to me in the next two weeks at The new name has to be short, unique, easy to spell, and the domain name has to be available. I’d prefer not to include words like “lesbian” or “gay” in the name, for a variety of reasons (it gets blocked in other countries, not inclusive enough, etc.), and in the name of good taste, nothing with rainbows or the word “pink” in it. Last but not least, the name would ideally somehow indicate what the site is about (lesbian and bi women in entertainment), but I’ll settle for a made-up word that just sounds good (like, say, “Loogle” or “Lahoo”). Exhausted yet? Me, too!


The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) announced the recipients of its Excellence in Journalism Awards, and Features Editor Malinda Lo won First Place in the Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media category. Way to go, Malinda!

The New York Times has a lengthy review of William J. Mann’s new Katherine Hepburn biography Kate:The Woman Who Was Hepburn, which addresses Hepburn’s lifelong affection for women, including ABC News anchor Cynthia McFadden. I don’t know what all the fuss is about: it’s not like Cynthia’s a FOX news anchor.

From today until October 13th, Yahoo TV will stream episodes of The L Word for free.

Out director Rachel Powell has created a short film on gays and lesbians in hip hop for Al Gore’s network Current TV; watch it and vote for it here.

Judi Dench plays a tyrannical, predatory lesbian teacher in the new film adaptation of the best-selling novel Notes on a Scandal. Because we can’t get enough of that stereotype!

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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