Lesbian women’s basketball coaches and athletes demand inclusiveness



Br{ache the Silence has created a new video campaign to help make women’s basketball more inclusive of LGBT people. Several lesbian coaches and former athletes speak out about their experiences in both college and professional leagues, and they are hoping you will donate to their cause. Every donation of $20 made to BTS will go toward LGBT inclusiveness training on the college level, something that would help the future Brittney Griners of the world feel like they could be who they are no matter what school they go to, or what jersey they are wearing.

Some of the women you’ll see in the video include Nikki Caldwell (Head Coach at Louisiana State University), Renee Brown (Chief of Basketball Operations, WNBA), Renee Jimenez (Head Coach at CSU Monterrey Bay), Stephanie White (Head Coach of the Indiana Fever), Sheri Murrell (Head Coach at Portland State University), Julie Shaw (Head Coach at University of La Verne), Allison Guth (Assistant Coach at Northwestern University), Amy Reed (Head Coach at Rochester Institute of Technology), Mary Wooley (Associate Head Coach at University of Hawaii), and ESPN writer Kate Fagan.

“The message of the video is simple, but powerful,” said WBCA Executive Director, Danielle M. Donehew in a press release. “No matter who you are, it’s OK to be you.”

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