Pink and Christina Talk About Sex


Aguilera has never shied away from selling her music
with overt sexuality, and she recently took yet another shimmy
away from her original straight-laced persona when she told
a UK interviewer that “Two women are way sexier than two
men in bed. We have a better feel for our bodies.”

went on to add, “I love experimenting with my sexuality.
Sex is a beautiful thing. I like having sex. It’s fun.”

one to be outdone, pop star and lesbian look-alike Pink recently
told the UK’s Heat Magazine “I’m trisexual.
I’ll try anything once.”

does this mean that Christina and Pink are finally coming out?
Or is it yet another example of pop stars exploiting lesbianism
for profit?

believe it’s neither. Instead, Christina and Pink are following
in the footsteps of the many women before them — from
the leaders of the sexual revolution in the 1960s to Madonna
and Angelina Jolie in the
1990s — who have declared their love for and right to have

Women who, like Pink nor Christina, are not concerned with
identifying themselves as gay or straight; they are simply insisting
that they like to have sex, and it doesn’t matter whether
their partner is a man or a woman. It’s
the media that wants them to choose a box.

"I love experimenting with my sexuality,"
Christina told Zoo Magazine in January. "If that means
girls then so be it. It would be wrong to hide this side of
my personality." This
is part of Christina’s overall attitude towards sex. "I
have casual sex, I love casual sex," she said in the same
inteview, and continued. “What is so wrong with a 22-year-old
woman showing her sexuality? If people want to insult me, let
them. Call me a slag [British slang for a prostitute]. If being
a slag means being a strong woman, I’ll gladly be that.”

have to admire Christina’s gumption, since she obviously
recognizes that our society still adheres to a double standard
in which male promiscuity is expected but sexy women are castigated
as sluts, but refuses to let it control her.

Of course, Christina
definitely plays up her sex appeal at times to sell records
(witness last year’s kiss with
at the Video Music Awards), but she is arguably
controlling her image rather than being controlled by it.

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