Lesbian Scientistics: Celebrity Puzzle Edition


A friend of mine recently proposed to his girlfriend by taking a picture of himself and Photoshopping a comic bubble into the photo with the words “Will you marry me?” and then turning the picture into a puzzle. He figured it would take his girlfriend a couple of hours to assemble the puzzle; it took her 10 minutes.

Of all the people I know and love, I could probably put together puzzles of five faces (including my dogs). Sadly, I could probably put together puzzles of 25 celebrity faces.

Yesterday I took five women from the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 and made puzzles of their faces to see if any of the AfterEllen.com bloggers could identify them. Dorothy Snarker got four out of five, and every blogger got person A right.

Let’s see how well you do:






Here’s how the AfterEllen bloggers fared:

Can you best the bloggers? I’ll comment with the answers later today.

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