Where, when and how celebrities would get naked


Ah, breasts. Eva Mendes was happy to show you hers on behalf of Calvin Klein. Jennifer Beals and Sarah Jessica Parker will never show you theirs with the no-nudity clauses in their contracts. Somewhere, someone even thought breasts might make you buy French Fries.

The comments on Gina Vivenetto’s recent Eva Mendes blog post range from, “Lighten up with the nudity laws, Americans!” to “Right on, FCC! People need to keep their clothes on!” Turns out not everyone agrees about when and where bared breasts are acceptable.

Pondering the nude folks that will be dancing in Central Park during tonight’s revival of Hair, New York Magazine asked a few celebrities how they felt about getting naked.

Elle model and author of The Bikini Book Kelly Killoren Bensimon said: “Wooo! Nudity! Well, I’ve never been photographed nude before, ever. I’m like the only model that hasn’t. So, I actually love being in my bikini, I’d love to be in my bikini more than anything else. But the one thing I don’t like about summer is that people are literally taking off their clothes. And the thing about winter is that people really make an effort to be dressed. That’s what I like.”

Kirsten Dunst is all for being naked, but not where she can be photographed:

New York Magazine: When it gets balls hot out, do you think about taking it all off?
Dunst: No, because I would have my picture taken.
New York Magazine: If you could, is there one place in New York you would do it?
Dunst: I would probably say topless in Central Park.
New York Magazine: You’ve seen girls topless there?
Dunst: Yeah!
New York Magazine: Does that ever give you civilian envy?
Dunst: No. I can go on vacation somewhere where I can do it.
New York Magazine: Out of curiosity, where’s that?
Dunst: I can’t say; otherwise, they’ll know where I do it.
New York Magazine: Europe?
Dunst: No, it’s not Europe. It’s on the East Coast somewhere.

When asked if there was any place in New York City that she’d get naked, Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz said: “Probably on some rooftop somewhere. The highest rooftop. I did the musical Hair, so I’d say probably on stage at the Delacorte is the best place to get naked.”

I’d probably say the shower is the best place to get naked, but that’s just me.

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