Brunch with Shimmy (Brunch with Bridget, Episode 30)


This week, Bridget invites to her bed the lovely, talented and funny Cathy Shim. While Cathy has done pretty much everything (had a band, acted in Reno 911!, appeared in an Eminem video) you may know her best for her role as Roxie in the lesbian web series 3Way.

This episode starts out with a friendly jigsaw puzzle challenge but the whole thing quickly turns into a play date from Hell.

Cathy’s suitcase full of stuffed animals were a lovely addition to the show, but we’re not sure why she thought it was a good idea to bring actual weaponry to Brunch. (Bridget can hurt herself with a pillow, so why should she be trusted with a sword?)

Brunch With Cathy Shim (Brunch With Bridget,

Episode 30)

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