The hottest women of color


Perhaps you’ve noticed one of the hottest threads in our forum lately: Your 10 Hottest Women of Color. We did! And it seems as if a lot of these ladies were forgotten about during Hot 100 voting time this year. We compiled a list of the names that seem to keep popping up on your lists in the forum. If you’re not hip to who these women are, make sure to take mental notes – you’ll need them for next year.

America Ferrera

She doesn’t need much introduction, yet surprisingly she didn’t make it to the top 100 this year. The star of Ugly Betty is known for her sexy curves that she hides well in character, but embraces in real life.

Kerry Washington

A serious actress, Kerry has played the lovers of great actors like James Earl Jones and Jamie Fox. We think it’s time she gets a role where the men are her sidekicks.

Parminder Nagra

Keira who? For us, it was Parminder who made Bend it Like Beckham a fun film to watch. The Indian actress will star in the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knight. Lucky us!

Zhang Ziyi

The gorgeous Chinese actress had us at “Ni hao.” An Academy Award nominee, Zhang was perfect for her parts in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha. Perhaps next she’ll star in a film where she’s not so angry. She’s so sexy when she smiles!

Nicole Piña

Something tells me that if you don’t know her now, you’ll be Googling her in two seconds. Nicole is one of the stars of the hit web show, Lovers and Friends. It’s a show about black lesbians and Piña is only one of the hot women in the ensemble. Are you Googling yet?

If you happened to miss the forum conversation, add your two cents here: who are your choices for hottest women of color?

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