Two girls are better than one


The New York Times Magazine had the right idea: a photo spread of women who play instruments and make great music. They styled four bands and one hip-hop duo for “Group Dynamics,” which published on Sunday. Again, great theory, but the execution was poor. Unfortunately, it’s the same old story: no diversity.

With only room for five bands, there were 16 ladies included. Only two of them were African American (the aforementioned hip-hop duo, Yo Majesty). OK, the Times does get some points for gayness (Yo Majesty and members of Electrelane are queer), but the rest of the women are all thin, white model-esque women that can barely crack smiles.

Yo Majesty

Yo Majesty actually have the most interesting write-up, however, with a great quote from Shunda K:

“People don’t always get how we can be gay and also be about getting right with the Lord.‘I say it’s simple. Look at all the success we be having right now. You gonna tell me that God don’t love me?’’

Amen. And while I must admit I am an Electrelane fan, the band actually announced they were on hiatus months ago, so their inclusion in the list is a little odd. There are tons of other bands that could have been featured that are still together and playing their hearts out so fans buy their merch and they can actually make a living. A little pictorial in the New York Times Magazine wouldn’t have hurt them.


My suggestions for next time around, should the Times or other publications be interested in dressing up some other beautiful women who rock in the near future:

Girl in a Coma

The three Hispanic women have an intense punk/rockabilly/goth style that certainly sets them apart from other bands. They would be a fun group to dress, too. I see them in some Vivienne Westwood apparel, myself.

New Bloods

A new band, the New Bloods would benefit from some more face time, especially because they are worthy of it. Their indie-punk style has a pleasantly odd art-rock edge, and they have replaced the typical guitar with a violin. Awesome.

The Suzan

If any band is photo worthy, it’s The Suzan. The girls’ natural charisma and obvious photogenic abilities make them an easy choice for a fashion spread. They wouldn’t even need a stylist! Plus, their brand of Tokyo garage rock is needed here in the U.S. If they came for a photo shoot, perhaps they’d stay for a tour. Wishful thinking.

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