Dinah 2008 Logo Comedy Cocktail Hour: Bridget McManus


AfterEllen.com’s own Bridget McManus was spreading herself pretty thin at The Dinah this year. As if accosting people on the red carpet, showing off her splits technique during the improv, and singing a vaguely inappropriate “sorority” song to Sarah Warn weren’t enough, she also performed at the Logo Comedy Cocktail Hour.

Bridget McManus

There Bridget regaled the crowd with a couple of memorable ditties (accompanied by her trusty tambourine), shared some treasured family memories, and paid tribute to her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.

Dinah 2008 Logo Comedy Cocktail Hour: Bridget McManus

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If you live near L.A. and still can’t get enough of Bridget after all the Dinah videos, you can see her live and in person as the main event in her upcoming show “Tall Dark and Random” on Thursday May 8th at The M Bar in Los Angeles; buy tickets here before the show sells out.

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