Happy 18th birthday Hermione, er, Emma!


Happy birthday, Hermione! Emma Watson is 18 today. Whew, thank heavens, because now I feel a little less skeezy. Just a little, but then every bit helps. Though, to be serious for just a second (but just one), I couldn’t be more thankful that the precocious Ms. Watson has reached this milestone with age-appropriate grace and modesty.

I’ve been a fan of Emma’s since she began her journey through Harry Potter’s magical universe seven years ago. Back then she portrayed the bookish brainiac with adorable ease. Now, her Hermione has matured into a confident, capable young woman. Gosh, how refreshing.

Besides being a great student who aced her exit examinations, Emma has been a charming role model for young women everywhere. Aside from one leaked photo of Emma drinking a beer (and just a Corona at that, geez) she has kept herself out of the tawdry tabloid pages. No shots of various exposed body parts. No stories of feuds with celebutants. No word of diva behavior. Like I said, refreshing.

With only two more Harry Potter films to go, I’m looking forward to seeing Emma’s post-Potter career. Over the winter she starred in the British TV drama Ballet Shoes. And in December her animated feature, The Tale of Despereaux, comes to theaters. With her talent and intellect, Emma should be able to step into other roles with ease. Though, I’ll admit, I’ll probably always have a soft spot for her as Hermione.

Happy birthday, Emma, and best wishes for many, many more.

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