This week in Jodie


Sometimes, no matter how our
lives are going, we need to take time to do something for other people.
And I can think of nothing more altruistic than to share some recent
photos of Jodie Foster.

The first two are from the ShoWest awards in Las Vegas. I couldn’t decide
which picture was lovelier. Then I realized I was insane for trying
to choose when I could just post both.

Just how hot is she? Hmm? Seriously,
I want an answer. How hot is she?

Next up: Jodie in Queensland
[I swear I didn’t make that up], Australia, at the world premiere of Nim’s Island, a family-friendly comedy with
Abigail Breslin
. I love this first one — she looks like such a movie
star. Oh, wait.

She’s getting a bit on the thin side, IMO, but I have to say, I’d give
anything to be that rose.

Here she lets a pelican have
its moment. Behold, the webmaster.

Then we have Jodie and her
sons, Charles and Kit, adorably enjoying the waters of Hawaii.

Being a mom obviously makes
her very happy.

I hope Cydney is watching, because Jodie is ready
to Pump. Her. Up.

You know, watching Jodie relaxing,
having fun, being herself, brings up a question.

No, on second thought, there’s
no question at all.

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