Megan Mullally wants your story


Except for the whole backpedaling on
her bisexuality

thing, I’ve always liked Megan Mullally.

Sometimes her over-the-top-ness
was too over-the-top, but as Karen Walker, she was the best thing on Will
and Grace

And despite the fact that
she was not particularly well known prior to Will and Grace,
she did a whole lot of TV and movie work — including a bit part as call girl
in Risky Business.

These days, her primary gig
is costarring in Young Frankenstein on Broadway. While I don’t
actually want to see the show, I do kind of want to see her (and

Sutton Foster, the other female lead).

But acting is not her only
gig. She also sings (and plays
“cardboard box, chains in a bowl, plastic egg, [and] moral high ground”)
with Megan
Mullally & Supreme Music Program

Here’s a clip of them performing Reba McEntire‘s “Fancy” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

They’ll be playing two shows
at The Zipper Factory in NY — where I saw Betty years ago before

The L Word made me hate them — on March 24.

Even more interesting (to me
at least) is Mullally’s Supreme Story Program. Here’s how she describes it:

“Here’s the deal: Every so
often, I pick a new topic and write something about it, then you guys
write in and share your story on the subject, too — everybody’s unique
and different, and everybody has a story to tell — I thought it would
be interesting to see all the different ‘takes’ on a particular subject
— the stories can take any form you want, as long as they’re your real

The current topic is “Most
inexplicable fling (or crush),” and she’s got her story posted (about
flying a wannabe actor to L.A., “keeping” him and getting him his
start in the entertainment industry — until he left her). Then there’s
a featured story, which includes as part of the opening, “Henry McWilliams,
fourth grade. Indianapolis. The only other kid in my class who voted
for Mondale in our fake election. Doesn’t notice me, doesn’t know.”
(I love the fake election detail. Love it.) And then there’s a link to the rest of the submissions on
this topic.

How much more interesting and
different is this than most celebrity websites or blogs?! It’s certainly
not typical self-promotion. She shares her story and asks for yours.
And I bet she really reads them.

If you’re interesting in submitting
your own story (200 to 800 words), the submission form is here. And although I probably won’t submit
a story about my most inexplicable fling (or crush), I’m certainly thinking
about my stories. There was the adolescent crush that led me to make
an important realization about myself — which was going on around the
same time as what I’ve come to refer to as “my last great heterosexual
romance,” circa 1982. Or there was the college coming-out crush that
led me to make a truly horrifying fool of myself. Or the fling a few years
ago in which I stubbornly refused to see what was in front of my face
the whole time. Hmm … if I write any of these stories, they probably
won’t be for publication.

The next topic will be “regrets.”
I think I’ll keep those stories to myself, too.

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