Reese Witherspoon voted most popular celeb


The results are in. Thanks to
E-Poll Market Research, we now know which celebrities the American public
finds the most “appealing, confident, glamorous, interesting and over-exposed,
among other qualities.” (This was voted on by approximately
1,100 people ages 13 and up, so rest assured it’s based on a completely
accurate demographical slice of the American pie.)

Here’s who topped the list of Most
Popular Celebrities:

I have to admit, I was a little surprised
by this. I know Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for
Walk the Line
and all, but she knocked out a couple of tabloid heavyweights
at numbers two and three:

I guess Witherspoon has been giving
Jennifer Aniston
and Angelina Jolie a run in the competition
for Most Likely to Show Up on a Tabloid Cover, what with the divorce
from Ryan Phillippe and the reported fling with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Looking at who rounds out the top of the list, I suspect tabloid presence was the
primary qualification.

Then again, some of Witherspoon’s recent
non-tabloid press might just put her on my list of Most Likely to
Actually Deserve Public Attention. Witherspoon’s reported feud
with Four Christmases
co-star Vince Vaughn is reportedly heating
she likes to memorize her lines and clock in at the set promptly, while
he comes in unprepared after a long night at the bar and calls it “improv.”
(I’d call that lack of a work ethic, despite the fact that my bank account
would rattle in a corner of his.)

And then there was that moment
when Witherspoon called out
a few Hollywood starlets (who, incidentally, filled out the list of
Least Popular on the same survey) for setting poor examples for
young women though their mindless partying lifestyle:

“We don’t need to keep reading
about female celebrities who are out there posing all the time and craving
attention and exploiting the sex-symbol stereotype. My mother and grandmother
fought incredibly hard against a male establishment to become high achievers
in their lives, and I think women should be able to be sexy and smart
and successful — without being silly and aimless."

Well. What’s left for me to say?

I know — I’m curious. These surveys
never reflect my personal taste. How about you? Who would win
the title of Most Popular Celebrity among readers?

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