Fifty and fabulous in 2008


One of my childhood memories

is a time at my cousin’s 12th birthday party when I thoughtfully

said, “Twelve is such a ripe old age.” I don’t know what led

to that pronouncement, but I remember it often, even several multiples

of 12 later. Age is like that. Each milestone seems far away, then

one day you realize that a lot of them are behind you. It’s not a bad

thing — older really is better — it’s just surprising. A few weeks ago,

one of America’s favorite children reached one of those milestones when

Caroline Kennedy turned 50.

Kennedy certainly has accomplished

a lot in her adulthood, but to many of us, she always will be JFK‘s

little girl. And “Sweet Caroline.”

Kennedy was on the cover of

AARP the Magazine
this month, along with a prediction that 2008 will “forever change

the image of 50.” Why? Because some big names in entertainment

— including a few sex symbols — will reach the half-century mark next

year. Some of our favorite beauties are on the list.

Ellen DeGeneres (January


In typical Ellen fashion, DeGeneres‘ approach to the big day is to plan

a birthday bash on her show, Ellen. “I have lots of plans

for my birthday,” she says, “and they include a piñata and

Tim Conway
.” Not my first choices, but Ellen is anything but

predictable. Just ask Iggy.

Sharon Stone (March


She hates exercise and loves

dark chocolate, but has never shied away from talking about growing

older. I saw Stone in person a couple of years ago at

the Dallas Black Tie Dinner and, trust me, she doesn’t need Photoshop

to look hot. Here she is with Joan Jett at the 2007 L.A. Pride fest:

Michelle Pfeiffer

(April 29)

Pfeiffer quit smoking and started using sunscreen

to ward off aging — and doubtless is much more optimistic about growing

older than was her character Lamia in Stardust. To witness the beauty of aging gracefully, Sarah and Lori’s

highlight reel

of Pfeiffer’s movie moments bears re-watching.

Madonna (August 16)

The Material Girl will release

a CD next year and may launch at “Madonna at 50” tour next

summer. At my first Madonna concert, I was mesmerized by how incredibly

buff her body was. I am still in awe of her.

Rounding out AARP’s list are

and Viggo Mortensen

(yawn). But the magazine left out a few ladies who are close to the

hearts of readers. Never fear, I always am willing to

make the sacrifice of searching through pictures of beautiful women

for your sake. Someone has to do it. I will leave the details of how

these women will celebrate to your fertile imagination.



(March 3)






(May 29)



(August 16)






(November 16)

Truthfully, several other stunners

are turning 50 next year, too. But if I listed all of them, what excuse

would you have for scouring the Internet to find them? Who’s your favorite

“over 50” lady? How would you like to celebrate her birthday

with her?

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