Cate Blanchett: “Coolest Straight Person” of 2007


Covers of The Advocate are a tricky business. When I first
came out in the late 1980s, the covers always featured men in kind of
porn-y poses. The Advocate began featuring women sporadically
in the early ’90s and eventually moved to a sort of equal balance in
recent years. Still, with the exception of 2005, most women featured on the cover
of The Advocate are straight — or at least ostensibly straight. (This year, there hasn’t been an
out lesbian on the cover since February.)

When I got my most recent
in the mail, however, I was not unhappy with the straight
woman featured on the cover.

It seems that The Advocate
has declared Cate Blanchett

(also known as No. 48 on the Hot
100 list
) the Coolest Straight
2007. And I’m not going to argue with that. ( gave a sneak peak of this cover a while back.)

Except for Todd Haynes’
gushing (“She’s just so cool she calls ‘straight’ completely into
question … and you can quote me on that.”) about Blanchett’s gender-bending
turn in I’m Not There, it’s not really clear why she warrants
specific consideration by The Advocate.

It’s a little bit like Jennifer
‘s GLAAD Vanguard Award —she’s certainly friendly and definitely
not an enemy, but did she actually do anything? (And I’m sure
for some lesbians, Blanchett’s turn as the ephebophilic object of a deranged lesbian’s desires
in Notes on a Scandal does not warrant her winning GLBT

But I find Blanchett to be
both lovely and one of the best actresses working today. Hence,
I’m happy to see her coolth lauded. And she was certainly gracious
and pleased to be recognized:

“I heard I was going to be
the coolest straight person. How kind! There’s a lot of us to choose

For the record, Blanchett was
not the only woman recognized. Elizabeth Edwards
was dubbed “Cool Politico” for being so cool about same-sex

And Arianna Huffington

was dubbed the “Cool Pundit” for her site,, as well as general progressive punditry.

When I lived in California,
Huffington was still a conservative married to a closeted man, so I’ve had
a hard time seeing her differently. But it’s good that others don’t
view her quite so myopically, as she’s apparently done a great deal of

And, of course, a bunch of
boys were recognized: Phillipe Cousteau
(grandson of Jacques and “Cool Environmentalist”), Aaron Toleos
(“Cool Gay Rights Activist”), Frank Rich
(“Cool Columnist”) and Common
(“Cool Rapper”).

Now that we know who The
picked, who would you pick as the Coolest Straight Person
of 2007?

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