The power of T


You are about to learn a precious
secret. No, not The Secret, or whatever self-help magic is making
somebody else rich today. This secret will help you get to know a woman
quickly, accurately and without pretense. It will give you the insight
of a dozen deep conversations at a glance. And it’s as easy as one,
two, tee.

Yes, the only thing
more revealing than a woman’s T-shirt is, well, a woman without a T-shirt.
But that’s a different post. Alyson Hannigan‘s rubber ducky tee
was a gift from John Ritter after he guest-starred on Buffy.
Needless to say, Hannigan treasures it.

Hannigan is one of 15 celebrities
pictured in’s “15 Stars In Their
Favorite T-shirts
You can see Portia de Rossi in her prophetic Iggy shirt in the
latest Best Lesbian Week Ever.

Chloƫ Sevigny is adorable
most of the time, but in her Groucho tee, she’s irresistible. As if
we would ever even think of resisting.

An EW photo editor gave
Jane Krakowski
the shirt off his back during a 30 Rock photo
shoot. She couldn’t seem to remember why.

Tina Fey loves this
shirt that used to belong to her brother. According to Fey,
“I was never the most knowledgeable Who fan, but I’m a big fan
of my brother.” Lucky brother.

Sites like T-shirt Watch can help you gain insight into other
famous women. At Worn
, you can find
favorite tees of rock & roll legends. And this entire blog is dedicated
to Celebrities in T-Shirts.

My favorite T-shirt? I got
it for my birthday a few weeks ago from a couple of friends who said,
“This shirt is you.” They were right.

Now that I’ve revealed my innermost
self, it’s your turn. What does your favorite T-shirt say about you?

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