A woman’s best friend


I know you have an opinion
on the Ellen brouhaha. So do I. So does, well, everybody. But I believe that in the midst of
the most heated controversy, we can find common ground. Women. We all
love women. And where you find women who love women, you find women
who love animals. In the spirit of unity, then, let’s look at women
we love and their pets. OK, yes, it’s an excuse to post pictures of
cute women. Starting with Joss Stone and Dusty.

Ashlee Simpson and Blondie
(I know, I know. But Blondie is adorable.)

Jessica Biel with East

Edie Falco and Marley

Idina Menzel, dog Sammy
Davis and some guy named Taye

Rihanna with Oliver

Renee Zellweger and

Hilary Duff with Lola

Mischa Barton and Charlie

Before you post any accusatory
comments, please understand: I have cats. I tried my best to find pictures
of women with their kitties. But — and you know this if you have cats
— felines tend not to do mundane things like pose for pictures. Feel
free to share any you find. Be careful what search terms you use. Trust

Do pictures of celebrities
with their pets change your opinion of them? Who’s your favorite animal-loving

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